The F.I.T. Workout

Warm Up

A good workout always starts with a proper warm up. After a few minutes of light cardio, we start with a neuro-muscular warm up using full body compound movements, medicine balls and balance equipment.  This will help to warm up your heart, lubricate your joints, elongate your muscles and activate your central nervous system, readying the body for exercise.

Functional Strength Training

Functional  strength exercises work your entire body in a pushing, pulling or standing/squatting motion while stabilizing your body.  We do no exercises on a machine using a fixed path of motion, this is not real life.   At the beginning, you may require rest during the exercises or before you begin the next exercise.  Our primary concern at F.I.T. by Colin is proper form in each exercise to prevent injury.   Your goal is to work up to not needing a large rest period.

Posture and Core

Posture and core are related.  Many of the postural deficiencies we see are caused by weak and tight shoulder and  shoulder blade muscles, weak and tight hip muscles, and poor activation of the abdominal and back muscles.  During the initial assessment posture is looked at so that the client learns which muscles to address to improve posture and prevent injury.  A posture correction program is designed to get them looking and feeling taller and more open.  We work on achieving proper posture and core strength each session.

Massage and Flexibility

One of the most neglected yet most important keys to a healthy and pain free body is maintenance of flexibility through every joint. The last 10 – 15 minutes of the workout is spent on using facial release tools and stretching to help loosen and lengthen muscles around the problem areas.


In order for the body to continue its fitness progression, it must be challenged with progressively harder exercises. There are many ways to do this. One is to continue to increase the weight so that the body has to do more work. Another is to increase the skill so the body needs to become more coordinated. I have had clients for almost twenty years who are still to this day continuing to improve at many levels. By constantly working at progression, you will never get bored of the workout because you are striving to achieve a higher level. If it ever gets easy, we’re not doing our  job!

Success in Action


At F.I.T., we measure success by action. Walk in the door, put your mind in to your workout, focus and work as hard as you can. Success is in the action of doing this consistently and repetitively. Nothing important in life, especially your commitment to healthy living, comes easy. Putting your mind and body into each workout will start to carry over into everyday life. You will feel stronger, start to experience less day to day aches and pains, feel good for accomplishing something that is difficult, and know that you are benefitting your long term health and vitality…this is success.

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