7 Week Youth Soccer Training Program


Soccer requires your body to move fast, stop on a dime, change directions, accelerate and decelerate, sometimes all in a matter of seconds.  Participants will learn how to do all of this properly, improve their coordination, and develop their soccer skills with a semi-professional soccer player and certified personal trainer.


Open to Boys and Girls aged  10 – 13

60 minute classes

  • 25 minutes of soccer agility, balance, coordination and core stability drills
  • 20 minutes of ball handling drills designed to improve their foot speed and striking ability
  • 10 – 15 minutes of soccer theory (X’s and O’s) mental preparation and attitude to help create success for your team



Instructor  – Jonathan Angulo, MSc.


Originally from The Canary Islands in Spain, Jonathan moved to Canada to further his personal training career. He has a Physical Activity and Sport Science Degree as well as a Master’s Degree in Physical Education

Jonathan has been playing soccer since he was a child.  He played semi-professionally in Spain before pursuing his studies in Physical Education.  Jonathan coached and designed strength training programs for high level players in Spain and is currently a coach at FC Barcelona Official Academy in Vancouver, where he trains players from 8 – 16 years old.  He  plays Premier Division soccer for Tigers FC in Vancouver and recently played in the national final for the Neymar Cup Street Football Tournament.

Rep1 Fitness Studio.  3313 West Broadway St. Vancouver.


Class size limited to 8

Contact for more details