7 Week Youth Soccer Training Program


Soccer requires your body to move fast, stop on a dime, change directions, accelerate and decelerate, sometimes all in a matter of seconds.  Participants will learn how to do all of this properly, improve their coordination, and develop their soccer skills with a semi-professional soccer player and certified personal trainer.


Open to Boys and Girls aged  10 – 13

60 minute classes

  • 25 minutes of soccer agility, balance, coordination and core stability drills
  • 20 minutes of ball handling drills designed to improve their foot speed and striking ability
  • 10 – 15 minutes of soccer theory (X’s and O’s) mental preparation and attitude to help create success for your team



Instructor  – Jonathan Angulo, MSc.


Originally from The Canary Islands in Spain, Jonathan moved to Canada to further his personal training career. He has a Physical Activity and Sport Science Degree as well as a Master’s Degree in Physical Education

Jonathan has been playing soccer since he was a child.  He played semi-professionally in Spain before pursuing his studies in Physical Education.  Jonathan coached and designed strength training programs for high level players in Spain and is currently a coach at FC Barcelona Official Academy in Vancouver, where he trains players from 8 – 16 years old.  He  plays Premier Division soccer for Tigers FC in Vancouver and recently played in the national final for the Neymar Cup Street Football Tournament.


 Wednesdays October 4 – November 15

Rep1 Fitness Studio.  3313 West Broadway St. Vancouver.


Class size limited to 8

Register through email or phone.  Please visit the contact page to register or for more information.