Training Rates
Personal 30 minutes - Colin $60

The 30 Minute session takes you through a variety of exercises at a high pace, incorporating strength, power, core stability ,coordination, and flexibility.  You will really feel the challenge!
PERSONAL 60 MINUTES - Colin $90    Jonathan $75

Free Fitness Assessment in September with the purchase of five sessions. F.I.T. by Colin will work with you for one hour to train all aspects of your fitness and lifestyle program (most popular option).
PARTNER 60 MINUTES -   Colin $140    Jonathan $120

Training with a partner is fun! Challenge your friend, wife, husband to achieve their very best and spend some quality time together in the gym.
FUNCTIONAL FLEXIBILITY - $50 / 30 min.  $90 / 60 min.  Five session minimum

As we age, we get tight due to overuse, old injuries, and tightening of connective tissue in our muscles.  This program is designed to lengthen the muscles and the connective tissue, using myofascial release techniques and stretching along the myofascial meridians.  Incorporating foam rollers, TRX suspension straps and yoga poses, we spend the entire 30 or 60 minute session increasing your functional flexibility and joint range of motion.  This leads to improved posture, movement, and joint stability, corrects muscle imbalances, and helps to relieve chronic pain.
All new clients start with a 90 minute health, posture and fitness evaluation, goal planning and program design session. This is followed up with a 5 session package.

Payment can be made with cash, cheque, Visa or Mastercard
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